Equi-Market Harness & Tack

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As the sport of Carriage Driving is becoming more and more popular in Canada, the need for durable, comfortable, well designed, yet affordable harness and vehicles has increased greatly.  We believe our manufacturers have developed versatile, quality products for all levels from training upwards. We can help provide something that will work for your driving needs, in and out of the show ring.

We are very proud Canadian Distributors of Comfy Fit Harness.  We also carry other lines of harness in our Consignment section. Equi-Market will accept clean, safe harness for consignment sale.

Pair your dream harness with a dream cart or carriage from Frey Carriage Company.  The Frey Sprint and Stingray are currently the hottest selling American-made vehicles.  Equi-Market would be pleased to help you obtain one of Freys’ highly rated vehicles which boast many great standard features and options. 

At Equi-Market we pride ourselves in customer service and satisfaction!  Please telephone, write, or visit and let us know how we can service your carriage driving needs.

You may visit our showroom on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. or by appointment any day!  Please visit the Contact page for information on how to reach us, or during the spring, fall and summer months, check our Mobile Shop Schedule.