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Downloads and Links for more research and evaluation of bitless.

The Nurtural Bitless brochure is a great way to get an overview of the benefits of switching to the Nurtural Bitless bridle.Brochure1



Does your horse sometimes run out of control when you’re riding? The one rein stop is the first step to developing a solid woah.

Posted with permission of Equine Wellness Magazine

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This article is written for riding with a bit, but the techniques are essentially the same.
Use your seat, legs and finally reins to communicate with your horse.


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Join the discussion on Facebook – Bitless Believers – a group of bitless advocates. A group established to be able to share your bitless horses of all disciplines, ask questions, share ideas. There are rules in the group – very much like when we had to learn to play nice in kindergarten! Check it out!

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