Nurtural Horse Elite Western Bridle

The Elite Western Nurtural is a handsome western bitless bridle, both the browband and cheekstraps have conchos with western stars and studs.

Available in Black ranging in size from Arab to Draft.

Available in Brown ranging in size from Arab to Draft.

While supplies last: Available in Saddle Brown in Arab and Warmblood.


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Hey! It’s Sherri Raguth (and my husband Chris). My bitless journey ‘re-started’ in the summer of 2010 when I happened to wander up to Zoe’s door to ask if I could bring my kids to work with her herd of black Canadian horses. As a kid I had a mare who came to me in a long shanked hackamore – the kind with the braided rawhide noseband and chain curb. I know now that bridle was pretty brutal, especially in my young untrained hands. Zoe was in the midst of a situation caused by a part-time employee basically going AWOL while she was away at a show. Long story short – she hired me to help out and as she says, the longest job interview in history ensued. In 2016, I took over the business while Zoe works to change the world of medical lab quality control.
A. How much time do you spend hanging out with your horse? (There’s no magic number, but spending time together with no agenda is one way to really find the connection with her).
B. Check your emotions – and I mean really check them. Are you fearful from a fall? Are you in a hurry? Are you aggravated by your day or by the last time you were together? Find a way to drop them at the door.
C. Check your expectations. I know that sounds weird but I see everyday how my un-acknowledged expectations steal the joy out of nearly every moment. You can’t have expectations with a horse unless it’s super old and deadbroke.
D. Can you ride bareback? If you can’t or don’t – I can’t recommend it strongly enough. When you ride bareback, YOU train your body to have a frame; YOU train yourself to have a center of balance; YOU gain confidence in yourself. When you have confidence in yourself, your horse will feel it and have confidence too.Just some food for thought!
Nurtural is more than a bridle – we foster the idea that you can have a partnership based on teaching instead of forcing.