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Nurtural Bitless Bridle – styles & materials

    • Nurtural Bitless Bridles are available in Nylon, Synthetic and leather (Impressive, Elite Western, Harmonie and Ranchman).
    • Sizes are available as follows:
    • Straight browbands are included. Now you can choose to add a Western (V-Shape) browbands for Harmonie bridles (essentially creating 2 bridles in 1!)
    • Custom sizing and brass hardware are available on Nylon, Synthetic and Ranchman styles.

Nurtural Accessories

    • Matching English or Western Reins are available for each bridle style.
    • English reins are 54″ and buckled.
    • Western reins are 84″ long and split.
    • Removable scissor snaps are provided with Nylon, Synthetic and Ranchman Reins.

Warranty – we deal in smiles, relaxation, freedom and improved relationships – but:

If you and your horse are not smiling when you first use your Nurtural Bitless Bridle, call or e-mail us right away! If there is a problem, we can help!Usually just some minor adjustments to bridle fitting and hints for transitioning will make your Nurtural the success that everyone else reports. See our Customer Comments!

Note: For hygienic reasons, we are not willing to resell bridles (as new) that have been on horses, especially with our grippy noseband that may be difficult to clean sufficiently to resell as a new product.

So, as with any other well-proven tack, please make sure you are committed to make it succeed for you and that you measure carefully (you pay the shipping if you order the wrong size).

RETURNS, if you just don’t feel it’s right for you and your horse: You must call 877-877-5845 for a Return Authorization. The Return Authorization will contain the address to which the bridle should be returned as well as instructions to assure you pay no additional fees.

Bridles may be exchanged for size within 30 days. Measure carefully you pay the shipping if you order the wrong size!

Bridles will be replaced in the event material or manufacturer’s defects are found within 30 days. Leather bridles will sometimes need to be conditioned upon receipt, stiff leather is not considered a defect.

  • Option A: 90% of the purchase price will be refunded (10% restocking fee) within 15 business days of being received: if the bridle is new and unused including tags still attached.
  • Option B: If you have tried the bridle and it just doesn’t seem to work for you even after consulting with us at Nurtural Horse, then 50% of your purchase price will be refunded within 15 business days of receiving the used bridle to us and the bridle will be donated to a rescue of our choice provided as the bridle is returned as clean as possible with very little wear and tear showing on it.

Returns must be mailed to the address on the Return Authorization, do not return to the address on the box in which your bridle was shipped unless instructed to do so on the Return Authorization.