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Buyers, Store Owners: Join the Nurtural Family of Dealers – if someone asks you for a Nurtural – it makes sense to say YES!

Do you struggle with deciding what products to offer your clients? Our program is carefully crafted to maximize your profit when you decide to stock Nurtural Horse Bitless Bridles. We have a tiered sales incentive program so that if you sell a few – there is a program for that; and if you sell a lot – there is a program for that. Qualify as a dealer with an initial order of just 3 bridles. Fast delivery in USA from our US warehouse. Fast delivery in Canada and worldwide from our Canadian warehouse. Call or email us for more information and a dealer application. sherri@nurturalhorse.com

Special promotion for customers! Free bridle when your favorite store joins the family!

If your favorite (tack, feed, or whatever) store does not carry Nurtural Horse products, ask to speak to the person who decides what tack to stock. Next, get permission to send that persons contact information to Nurtural Horse. Once we have their info, we can send them all the details they need to decide to join the Nurtural family of dealers. If they sign on as a dealer, starting with as few as three bridles, we’ll send YOU a free bridle worth up to $149.99 (your choice dependent upon availability) with their first order! When you email the information to info@nurturalhorse.com, include what size and style of bridle you would like up to an Impressive Leather! We’ll include your bridle with the first order to the store.

Use the ONLINE STORE to find the bridle you prefer: material, colour, and size. Then check the store locator (the ‘FIND A DEALER’ button above) – if you have no dealer near you, and your favorite store won’t order the bridle in for you, then please purchase direct through the ONLINE STORE.

To shop in U.S. Dollars – check out the eBay store

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To be able to pay in any other currency, always choose to check out with Paypal

    • Products in the online store are listed in Canadian dollars (Products on eBay are USD)
    • Photos, descriptions and prices of all Nurtural Horse Bitless Bridle and more are found here.

Shipping options (tracking will always be required):

    • If you are in the USA: shipping to continental USA starts at $16 for USPS Flat Rate Box from Florida, includes tracking and arrives in 3-5 business days
    • If you are in Canada: shipping to all provinces ranges from $16-$24 for Expedited Canada Post packages, includes tracking and arrives in 3-5 business days
    • If you are in any other country – we will ship either from the USA or from Canada at the most economical rate that includes tracking, generally $79 and arrives in 6-10 business days
    • Shipping arrival estimates are approximate – we have no control over border crossings, or any customs fees added during transit
    • Pay by PayPal or Credit Card

You can also call your order in!

  • In CANADA: 1-705-866-2285
  • TOLL-FREE from almost everywhere: 1-877-877-5845


We deal in smiles, relaxation, freedom and better relationships!

If you and your horse are not smiling when you first use your Nurtural Bitless Bridle, call or e-mail us right away! We can help to make your Nurtural the success that everyone else reports. See our Customer Comments!

If your horse does not love the Nurtural, it’s usually a fitting problem, or you may need a few hints on how to get your horse accustomed to new equipment over a few lessons/rides. Remember, this is another tool in your tool box! Be sure that this is the bitless bridle that makes the most sense to you before you invest in it! Changing your mindset changes everything!

WRONG SIZE: Bridles may be exchanged for size within 30 days, if the bridle is new and unused including tags. Measure carefully you pay the shipping if you order the wrong size!

MATERIAL DEFECT: Bridles will be replaced in the event material defects are found within 30 days  Leather bridles will sometimes need to be conditioned upon receipt, stiff leather is not considered a defect.

RETURNS: You must email (info@nurturalhorse.com) or call 877-877-5845 for a Return Authorization. The Return Authorization will contain the address to which the bridle should be returned as well as instructions to assure you pay no additional fees. Returns must be mailed to the address on the Return Authorization do not return to the address on the box in which your bridle was shipped unless instructed to do so on the Return Authorization.

In the circumstance that the bridle is new and unused including tags still attached within 15 business days of being received: 90% of the purchase price will be refunded (10% restocking fee) upon receipt of the bridle at the address on the Return Authorization.

If you have tried the bridle and you’ve decided it just isn’t going to work for you even after consulting with us at Nurtural Horse, then 50% of your purchase price will be refunded upon receipt of the used bridle and the bridle will be donated to a rescue of our choice provided the bridle is returned as clean as possible with very little wear and tear showing on it.

  • Toll free in Canada and USA: 1-877-877-5845